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Always cruising the internet to meet new outfits playing one of our favourite styles of music so called US Metal - on regular times, I check out Myspace which is actually magnificent to find bands no matter the way of music you're into. This way out, I also find the band Desecrate from LA California. I just received their new EP entitled ''Mental Massacre'' - a five song output, I'd like to kneel and bow my head for definitely!  

Formed back in 2002, Desecrate found the right guys to set up a complete line up... they had the right intentions and ambitions about what is great Metal music is all about - name of their on game can be described as a blend of Classic Heavy Power Metal and good ol' Speed / Thrash Metal. All played and delivered in a typical American style which lies perfectly in the line of music I adore. Some research on the band's history told me this is Desecrate's second effort after their debut, self titled full length album, brought out in 2005.  

Immediately clear right from song number 1, Desecrate is a great band existing from 4 'skilled to the bone' musicians - opener 'Trapped' comes on very powerful, technical... just brilliant especially when you're a fan of Classic Power Metal the American way. Superb rhythms from both drummer / bass player but the best is yet to come, top notch twin guitar tactics given away by shredders Nick Smile and Chase Becker to sound amazing true and through! Nick is also in charge as vocalist of the band - his voice is as unique as the way he plays the axe. He has a throat hard to compare with others - mainly his throat has an emotional / melancholic character... this is what I call 'a one of a kind singer'. Also next in line 'Overpowered' got me by the throat right away, great 'US Metal' riffage of both axemen - beautiful melodic lines,... just another bulls eye for me!  

'Shizzle' is an instrumental one that definitely belongs to my all time, favourite instrumental compositions up to date. Guitar freaks better should check out this song - pure power and technical skills filled with highly recommended melodic lines... GREAT! Desecrate saved the titled track to conclude the EP in style. A mixture of Speed / Thrash rhythms with contagious vocals, as always bass lines and drums sections played as it should be - with thunderous powers!  

All the songs on ''Mental Massacre'' are written and produced by the guys in Desecrate themselves - the sound quality is very good, I give my word of honor to that! I've noticed that present drummer Adam Jones is meanwhile replaced, another percussion leader is added to the core by the name of Zareh Ter-Stepanian... besides this new guys the band's current line up looks like Nick Simile (Vocals/Guitar), Chase Becker (Guitar) and Hawk Engvig on bass.  

The only thing left to do for me is to show my sincere respect to the entire band. They're young, full of ambition - they have a bright looking future lies ahead to me... fans of early smashing ane scorching Heavy-Power-Speed-Thrash Metal the American way better should find their way to Desecrate. Good advice to all these people, order as fast as possible their new EP ''Mental Massacre'', you won't regret at all - spread the word  Stefan from MTI Belgium said that!   MY POINTS: 96 / 100