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A new Thrash Metal surprise called Diamond Plate shakes my brain and almost crushed my skull while reviewing their ''Mountains Of Madness'' EP.  Totally out of the blue, and hard to get info on the Internet concerning these youngsters, I took my chance at the Wikipedia Encyclopedia. Well, here's what I could find about the term ‘Diamond Plate’ and new revelation from the USA. 


“A Diamond Plate can refer to a type of Whetstone, or secondly, a steel or other metal plate with a raised diamond shaped pattern. Such a material is often used for non-slip surfaces, such as on boarding steps for trucks, metal staircases etc....”


Well, all right, it defines the name but nothing more.  When you plug their EP in your cd player, you will find out that this band is the perfect description for usage as non-slip surfaces.  They are hard as steel, they will not bent or become a molten material.  Diamond Plate is thrash metal like it was played in the Bay Area Thrash Metal scene of San Francisco. Remember the ones of Exodus, Death Angel, Testament and many others that are still roaring the earth.  Well, I can give you this advice, Diamond Plate is ready for the next generation of Metal heads and muthas around the globe. You have been warned, so expect no mercy... 


'Descent' is the intro that has a modest, almost discreet feeling.  But that's only the calm before the storm of the first real song 'Maelstrom' that contains a great 'Flotsam And Jetsam' attitude when they had the almighty Jason Newsted in their line up. 'Maelstrom' is taking you by the balls, contains a powerful chorus line and I'm sure that this track will raise the fists and bang the heads during live gigs. Next on track is 'The Alchemist', and this one gives you some relief and contains less up-tempo riffs.  Don't get me wrong, the band is still going strong but compared with the first opening track, it's a little bit slower.  There is also some great screaming guitar in the song, and that makes it worth to check it out!


Track 4 is called 'Criminal Justice' and is the logical continuation of what we got earlier.  The threesome of Diamond Plate know their position in the band very well, and the vocals of Jon Macak are done really well accompanied with his bass guitar. These guys really know how to rock, and I remember the early days when Kreator and Destruction invaded my bedroom with their debut albums.  They sounded the same way.  Aggressive, young and willing and hard to the bone.  Diamond Plates leaves me behind with the same impression and enthusiasm, so that's a cool sign for the near future!  The final track is called 'At The Mountains Of Madness', and this is really awesome.  If you thought that the best came by, you got it damn wrong.  Track 5 is my favorite song, you just need to listen to the hooks, breaks and twists that are melted together to one piece of pure Thrash Metal... Just awesome dudes!



The EP was recorded at 'Beyond The Gates' Studio, and the result is pretty fair and underground, so that's exactly how we love it... Is this band doing so fantastic during all four tracks?  Yeah, they give full axe, but need to focus on more variety in the future.  The solos are well dosed and well done, but the average riffing and composing needs to be improved to convince the world about their abilities.  The guitar sound and riffing is above the average as well, but the overall sound needs some more maturity and lines of approach.  This result is just great to leave an impression behind and I'm totally into Diamond Plate anno 2008.  World Domination is the next step for this band, but make sure that the first full-length album is going to take us by storm...  My rating: 90/100


Patrick de Sloover on behalf of Metal To Infinity Webzine