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How I thank the creators of so much for giving us the possibility to discover so many outstanding Metal bands. Next in row is Ice Vinland from Canada. The first hit at their webpage, more specific the first tunes of ''Battlefield'' were enough to contact these guys immediately. Reading more about the band's history it seems these guys are from Quebec and active since 1997. One album has been released before, more specific in 1998 and was entitled ''Masters Of The Sea - The Saga''.


Eight years to bring a new album is pretty long but without the support of a label that seems understandable. Not at all reasonable is het fact these guys didn't find any support from a label. How is it possible that such great musicians, writing superb songs, don't receive the interest from a label. Once again it shocks me, especially in the knowledge lesser bands are often 'overhyped by the so called 'popular' Metal media.


Let's talk about the new album now! If you're into progressive 'US style' Epic Power Metal you shouldn't doubt to add this one in your CD-rack. The most remarkable member of the band is the singer, Damian Leif. As a front man he's dressed like an ancient Viking and I suppose his live performances are theatrical. Next to this fact he also has a special high pitched throat. He's reminding me to David Louden, singer from Cauldron Born and even David Taylor from Jacobs Dream. I admit this kind of vocals are either 'love it or hate it' but that's pretty typical for the entire Power Metal movement. Sometimes Damian Leif is crossing boundaries when he's singing very high, which makes his vocals less variable. Nevertheless it is a 'one of a kind' voice.


Also worth mentioning are the other musicians. What I hear are very tight and blistering guitar riffs, well produced for a self-supporting band. The guitars are very interesting on this disc, supporting Damian Leif's vocals perfectly. Both guitarists are delivering fast fingered, often even shredding solo's. The basic lines, drums and bass guitars, are as well high energetic and responsible for making this album a Power Metal ravager. Although Ice Vinland isn't creating new things the entire disc is exciting. With some subtle samples the arrangements are foreseen with a dark atmosphere, just the way I like my Metal.


Songs like 'The Battlefield', 'Secrets Of The Gods', 'The Plague' and the mighty 'Armistice' can easily convince every US Metal fanatic. Ice Vinland can best be described as a meeting between Manowar and Crimson Glory and is comparable with a lot of American formations like Ritual, Mystic Force. Guitar-wise I can easily mention Kenziner or Chastain because of the awesome riffs (not the solo's)!


It is such a shame these guys have no contract and that has to change! I know labels are reading our reviews and I'm sure some of them might be waiting for a band like Ice Vinland. This CD is for sale for a fair price and the booklet is professionally made. Also the front cover is awesome; dark and sinister. As I've said before the production of this disc is very good, even professional! Nothing can hold you now to not purchase this one. Check them at or My Points: 89/100 (Review by Officer Nice)