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Sideburn is a Hard Rock band from Switzerland. This beautiful country didn't produce that much Metal in the past but the few bands out there were as qualitative as the Swiss watches. One of the most famous bands is of course Krokus, they were one of those formations that pulled me into the Heavy Metal scene with their 'Heatstrokes' song. After all these years I still adore this track, making me re-live my younger days.


Fans of AC/DC or Rose Tattoo have always appreciated Krokus and I'm sure they will like this band too. With Sideburn I hear some old fashioned rhythms and good played guitars. Sideburn tries to put a lot of fire in their music but they still have to bow for their biggest source of inspiration; AC/DC. Not that AC/DC has always been the band that made me burn but I admit I'm not their biggest fan either. Nevertheless; if you're into albums like AC/DC's ''High voltage'', ''Dirty deeds don't dirt cheap' and for example ''Powerage'' you will adore Sideburn. This music rocks and rolls and I'm quite sure the live performances of this band are successful too.


I have to admit that Sideburn is good in what they're doing. These guys know how to write good songs and as I've said before their source of inspiration lies in the seventies. This band delivers one after another good hard rocking track. A prove that Sideburn is mainly influenced by AC/DC is the song 'Ghost of 1980 (to Bon Scott)'. This legendary singer Aussies died way too soon but in the hearts of millions of fans he still lives. The era of Bonn Scott wasn't only essential for AC/DC's career; it also seems to be important for Sideburn.


To be honest I have nothing more to say about this band and I suppose that everyone knows what to expect from this release. Because of the fact in their genre this is a very good band I have rated them pretty high...  My Points: 86/100 (Review by Officer Nice)