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What really makes me feel sick idem to a 'big' hangover after uncountable beers is the fact people walk around dressed up in denim, leather, spikes and chains - unfortunately without any form of Metal knowledge. A while ago, I had a discussion with a bunch of so called Metal heads - while I start digging into the early days of Heavy Metal history and mentioned some great old school still active after decades - they absolutely didn't know a damn screw of what I talked about. Standing with their hands on their hips struttin' their stuff - Metal knowledge below zero, sorry but  in that case I pick up my bags and I go... One of the bands I've mentioned that day was Piledriver, yeah sure THE Cult Metal band from Canada! To me - people never heard of main man Gord Kirchen aka The Piledriver aren't worth to wear the name Metal head!  

Those were the days, Piledriver wrote Heavy Metal history with two eccentric albums named ''Metal Inquisition'' (1985) and ''Stay Ugly'' (1986). Actually started as a two man project consisting out of vocalist Gord 'The Piledriver' Kirchen and a guys in charge for all the other instruments named Leslie Howe. Played by two individuals only but they weren't afraid to made songs with shabby lyrics... it can be described as Shock Metal, well I liked it and I still do these days. Forget about other 'shocking troops' like Slipknot, M. Manson or Lordi who also appear on stage like demons of the night... (as for me) only Piledriver wipes them all of the table in no time with own flamboyant lyrical subjects and eye catching appearance seasoned with a dose of humour.  

Check out some of their songs like 'Sodomize The Dead', 'Sex With Satan', 'Alien Rape', 'Flowers Of Evil', 'Lord Of Abomination',... all songs perhaps they have shocked you but that was the way Piledriver like to bring on their own way Of Metal. ''Metal Inquisition'' and ''Stay Ugly'' still are two of my absolute faves - with a lot of dissatisfaction, good ol' Piley disappeared from the Metal stage after the release of last mentioned album... he was gone but something in the back of my head kept strugglin' on as ... ''one day, this big guy will be back with a vengeance'' and check it out brothers and sisters...  HE'S BACK!

In 2005, Piledriver was back and posted four new songs on the internet who were free to download. I haven't missed the opportunity to hear legendary Piledriver back after so many years, the songs I've heard back then went as a javelin through my veins. You won't hear me say that Piley was back stronger than ever but I was extremely content with those 4 tracks. It was only the beginning of a meaningful comeback - other musicians teamed up, a new album would be worked out later on. A promise makes guild - from now on, the band is baptized as The Exalted Piledriver, title of their new album is 'Metal Manifesto'' and I can warn you by now - The Pile is back and will sentence you all by guillotine!  

Via Northern Storm Records, the album is unleashed under great condition... this effort really hit the decks, blows you away''' definitely one of the biggest come backs from the last few years. Musical wise, The Exalted Piledriver combines their roots (old school Metal) with a modern edge and it works just great. Good ol' Piley�s voice still very good, right now he is also surrounded by a bunch of skilled musicians like bass mutilator Lobo El Fsnort, grinning necromorph Glace Frostfritter (drums) and Kinky Pork Cream, the vampire axe grinder.  

They appear on the new album again with shocking lyrics to load with perverseness and humour. Don't take it all up too serious, they always had a blast doing this for decades so... Produced by Neal Kernon (Queensryche, Cannibal Corpse or Nevermore, ''Metal Manifesto'' has a sound quality where many others only can dream about of. Power / Thrash Metal from a very high level is what you can expect... watch out carefully for songs like: 'Metal Manifesto',  'Last Day Of The Week', 'Volatile',  'God You're Stpid II', 'Road Pigs', to name but a few. The entire album is food for all those into old school Power / Thrash Metal in the first place - hooked on nowadays powerful Metal? Check out The Exalted Piledriver also for sure!  

I can say it over and over again, The Exalted Piledriver's new album ''Metal Manifesto'' has definitely surprised me. As for me, Gord 'The Piledriver' Kirchen's voice sounds better than ever before, also like their anno 2009 style of Metal is horrible outstanding - hanging in the balance between ''Metal Inquisition'' and ''Stay Ugly''... Technical / musical wise, this effort is complete - as for the rest, pass your own judgement on the album. I'm truly satisfied with the final result and hope from you the same for 'The Exalted one' and companions at:   They will be on the bill for the 2009 edition of the prestigious Headbangers Open Air Festival in Germany... HERE's the link to take a look at.  MY POINTS: 93 / 100